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The cultural legacy of Uzbekistan in the art collections of the world

According to the international experts, the project ‘Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in the Collections of the World’ has no analogues in the world, in particular, by breadth of coverage. Only at the first stage of its realization, more than 35 museums of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Mongolia were covered, active interaction with 26 of them was established.

Special attention should be placed on the fact that in the course of preparation for the publication of books-albums by well-known scientists, a serious research work   was carried out to collect and generalize the best artifacts originating from the territory of Uzbekistan, including unique samples of archeology, ceramics, metal products, numismatics, textiles, Jewelry art and painting. This allowed us to reflect in the published media products all the richness and uniqueness of the cultural and historical legacy of the people of Uzbekistan. The results of these studies will be announced at the international congress by its participants.

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