The Silk Road and the Bronze Age metallurgy in Central Asia


Miljana Radivojevic – “The Silk Road and the Bronze Age metallurgy in Central Asia”.

Report by  doctor Miljana Radivojevic  (Institute of Archeology, UK) on the subject: “The Silk Road and the Bronze Age metallurgy in Central Asia”.

Project Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan. III International Congress.

Tashkent is preparing for the media forum “Crossroads of Times: The Great Legacy of the Past in the Basis of an Enlightened Future”


November 28-29, 2017 in MEDIA HALL NAEMM in Tashkent as part of the media project “Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan” will be held the International Media Forum “Crossroads of Times: the great legacy of the past in the basis of an enlightened future”.

More than 100 foreign scientists, experts, diplomats, as well as representatives of science, domestic and foreign media will take part in the forum. Among the participants there are well-known scientists, heads of museums and scientific institutes, editors of scientific journals from Russia, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, India, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan and other countries, also representatives from UNESCO and ICOMOS (International Council for the Preservation of Monuments and Sites) and other scientists – authors of numerous publications and books devoted to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan. These facts confirm the high interest in the region, its cultural values ​​and traditions from the world community.


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