Collection of the State Hermitage(Part two). Mavarannakhr art 8th – 15th centuries (Saint Petersburg)

Name: Collection of the State Hermitage(Part two). Mavarannakhr art 8th – 15th centuries (Saint Petersburg)

Volume: fifteenth

Readiness of the edition: issued






The book-album presents items from the collection of the State Hermitage (St. Petersburg) related to the cultural legacy of Mavaran- nakhr (Central Asia) of the developed Middle Ages. The collection includes items from private collections that were formed in the late 19th  – early 20th  century, and then entered the Museum, as well as items obtained during archaeological excavations. These are fragments of architectural decor, pottery, toreutics, jewelery, glass items and etc. Within the framework of the project “Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan”, they will be for the first time under special synthesizing research.

The publication is intended not only for members of the academic research community, but also for broad domestic and foreign audi- ences, and members of the younger generation who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. The project, which has no analogue in the world, has been carried out thanks to the favorable conditions created in the years of Independence and to the personal attention of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to such issues as the careful preservation, enrichment and augmentation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Uzbek people.

Readers of these albums will be able to expand their understanding of the rich culture and art of Uzbekistan, having become acquaint- ed with the DVD documentary accompanying this album.

The multi-volume series “The Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in the Art Collections of the World” will include the publication of other books dedicated to the unique objects of Uzbekistan’s historical and cultural legacy.