Архивы за месяц: December 2018

Dr. Dagmar Pospishilova, Curator of the collection department of the National Museum – Nárstka Museum, Prague (Czech Republic)


The cultural heritage of any nation in the world is unique, as well as the heritage of Uzbekistan, which attracts the attention of all fans of bright colors and skillful crafts. We at the National Museum in Prague were lucky to have an excellent collection of four hundred items that represent the best traditions of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. Далее

Alexander Sedov, Director General of the State Museum of the Art of the Peoples of the East (Moscow)


Monuments of history and culture of Uzbekistan, carefully preserved in museums, libraries and scientific institutions and studied by prominent orientalists, historians and archaeologists, are of deep interest not only to researchers, but also to the general public. The holding of the Congresses also contributes to the wide promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan, serves to preserve, enhance and popularize the intellectual heritage and traditions of the Uzbek people, form a positive image of the country abroad and demonstrate the rich tourist potential of Uzbekistan.


Tigran Mkrtychev, Deputy General Director of the SMOV – Director of the Museum of the Roerichs – a branch of the GMV, Doctor of Arts, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation


Historically, some of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan is currently outside the country. The best museums in the world are proud of the works of ancient and medieval art of Uzbekistan, which are included in their collections. The cultural heritage of Uzbekistan creates around itself a unique environment – scientists, artists, cultural figures, art lovers who, through their interest and their work, contribute to the establishment of a dialogue between nations and countries.


Elmira Gul, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Art Studies, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan


The goal of the project is to show and realize the enormous amount of art objects created in our land, which are in museum and private collections all over the world. For various reasons, and at different times, these masterpieces were far beyond the places of their creation. But today the time has come, figuratively speaking, to “collect the stones”. Далее

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