Архивы за месяц: June 2018

Dr. Khadija Asadova Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs of the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan


Not having a common border, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are joined by the ties of a relationship, common origin, history, language, culture, traditions and national values. Relations between our countries go back centuries. The high level of cooperation between the peoples of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, which has reached special development in the Middle Ages, is based on the historical community and on the unity of the root, which is the reason for mutual support and assistance. The development of bilateral relations between our peoples at all stages of history was based on mutual respect and honor. This is a huge achievement. Now Uzbekistan cooperates with many countries, but relations with Azerbaijan are imbued with a special spiritual affinity. Trade-economic and cultural interaction between our peoples is based, among other things, on the unique treasury of samples of Uzbek culture in the collections of Azerbaijani museums, among which the exhibits of the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan and the Далее

Dr. Galina Andreeva Chief adviser to the director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum (Moscow), laureate of the State Prize of Russia, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums


Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, the Congress is constantly expanding the geography of its activities, covering new countries and regions. The platform of the project raises interesting questions and topics that affect the development of historical and art science, the use of new channels and directions of educational and information activities in the field of culture at the national and international level. Далее

Elena Titova Director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum (Moscow), Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation


I am glad to participate in the Second International Congress “Cultural legacy of Uzbekistan”, which solves important tasks to popularize the cultural and intellectual legacy of Uzbekistan.

The Congress has become a large-scale platform, bringing together national and international representatives of state and public cultural institutions, major scientists, museum specialists, and media employees. Далее