In the Holy month of Ramadan in Saint-Petersburg will demonstrate the legendary Katalagari the Quran (Koran)

The oldest extant manuscript of the Koran, stained with the blood of the third Caliph – Usman, is believed to be exhibited during the Holy month of Ramadan at the Institute of Oriental manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The exhibition will be held in one of the largest centers of world Oriental studies within the framework of the Second international Congress “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan – the way to dialogue between peoples and countries”. Visitors to the exhibition-participants of the Congress will also be able to see other unique manuscripts, carefully stored in the funds of one of the world’s main manuscript repositories – Sofa Hussein Baykaro, lifetime works of Alisher Navoi, one of the oldest lists of the famous works of al-Biruni “Monuments of past generations”, collections of poems of agahi, Bisati Samarkand, Bedil, Hafiz Shirazi and other authors.