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A delegation of Uzbek scientists will visit the Cathedral mosque of St. Petersburg a hundred years after its construction


As part of the Second international Congress “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan – the path to dialogue between peoples and countries”, a delegation of Uzbek scientists will visit the Cathedral mosque in St. Petersburg. This event is particularly significant due to the fact that this visit will take place in the Holy month of Ramadan for all Muslims.
The mosque founded by the Deputy in 1910 in the presence of Bukhara Emir Seid-Abdul-Ahad Khan was under the personal patronage of the Emir. And the project of its construction was inspired by the monumental buildings of the Amir Temur era and, above all, the mausoleum of Gur Emir in Samarkand. Until 2008, the Cathedral mosque was the only one in St. Petersburg. Its Eastern silhouette, with its soaring minarets and sky-blue dome today, as a hundred years ago, is perceived as an integral part of the architectural appearance of the city. Participants of the Congress will be able to see the elegance of the ornamental and calligraphic decoration of the mosque with their own eyes. Далее

Prof/ Dr Wensuo Liu, Vice-director of Department of Anthropology, School of Sociology & Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China)


I here present my greetings and wishes, most sincerely, for the Second International Congress with a so important and interesting topic about the great cultural legacy of Uzbekistan, and my thanks for invitation from the Congress organization committee! Also I’d like here to present my thanks to Dr Sergey Laptev who warm-heartedly recommends me to join this valuable opportunity!

I noticed that the purport of Congress is at the path way to dialogue between countries and peoples. As an archaeologist of ancient Silk Road, I realize that it is the dialogue which constituted the most valuable legacy of the ancient Silk Road. Далее

Dr Ségolène de Pontbriand, Doctor University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Director of the French-Uzbek Expedition of Bactria (Expedition supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


It’s a great honor for me to take part to this important meeting about the Uzbekistan Heritage in Saint Petersburg this summer.

As an historian and archaeologist, Director of the French-Uzbek Expedition in Bactria (MAFOuz de Bactriane du Nord) who is working in Uzbekistan for more then 10 years, it’s essential for me to attend this Congress.

It will unlight the importance of the history and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, as an important part of our civilization.

I’am very happy to come to Russia and meet our Uzbeks and foreigns colleagues and to discuss about the history and archaeology of Uzbekistan. Далее

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