Архивы за месяц: October 2017

The cultural legacy of Uzbekistan in the art collections of the world


According to the international experts, the project ‘Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in the Collections of the World’ has no analogues in the world, in particular, by breadth of coverage. Only at the first stage of its realization, more than 35 museums of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Mongolia were covered, active interaction with 26 of them was established.

Special attention should be placed on the fact that in the course of preparation for the publication of books-albums by well-known scientists, a serious research work   was carried out to collect and generalize the best artifacts originating from the territory of Uzbekistan, including unique samples of archeology, ceramics, metal products, numismatics, textiles, Jewelry art and painting. This allowed us to reflect in the published media products all the richness and uniqueness of the cultural and historical legacy of the people of Uzbekistan. The results of these studies will be announced at the international congress by its participants. Далее

the National Library of France


Овальный зал в здании библиотеки на улице Ришелье[fr], архитектор Жан-Луи Паскаль[fr]

Paris and the richest collection of French-language literature in the world. It is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, the largest library in France and one of the largest libraries in the world. The library has 2,700 staff members working, 2,500 of them are full-time employees. Далее

The Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Пушкинский дом.jpg

The Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) of the Russian Academy of Sciencesis part of a network of institutions affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is located in house 4 along the Makarova Embankment in St. Petersburg. The museum was founded on December 15th, 1905, by the noble initiative of Russian culture figures. The Russian Literature Institute began its life in 1899  to mark the centenary of Alexander Pushkin birth and to up the anniversary exhibition, which included 703 exhibits from individuals and various institutions. At the same time, on the initiative of the President of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and under his chairmanship was established a Commission to discuss the issue of the monument to the poet. The idea of the monument placing was gradually transformed into the establishment of the “Pushkin House, a special literary pantheon where the relics of Russian writers of the 19th century would be collected and kept”. The meeting of the Commission, which approved this provision, was held on December 15th, 1905, this day is considered to be the birthday of the Pushkin House.



More information is available on the museum’s website